TAG Security Inc. : Providing Peace of Mind

Commercial Security Services

Security guards at any commercial establishment are the face of your business. The most important attributes of commercial security guards are appearance and excellent customer service.

Residential Security Services

We provide security guards to look after your home and property whilst you are away on holiday, business or at work. We suit your needs by offering either on a 24hr residential basis or whatever hours you feel your property may be at risk and vulnerable to attracting criminals, squatters or trespassers. We also offer evenings, nights and weekends security guards to your under construction house.

Construction Security

Construction site heavy-equipment and material theft is widespread. It proves expensive for both the owners of the property and their insurers. Construction site related theft has increased from 10% in 90s to 15% in the last couple of years. This trend is showing no signs of slowing down. Because of this, insurance companies are increasingly beginning to deny claims regarding construction site property. It is now time to safeguard and protect your investment in a proactive manner. We cater to all your security needs.